Life and Death

Saturday (day before the start)

On-site Registration

Please register after 2:00 pm Saturday, there will be a tent next to the work shed which will serve as Headquarters (to the left of the 2-story White Farmhouse).

The mandatory meeting for the competition will be at 8 am Sunday morning at the Headquarters. If there is rain, we may start later.

Saturday will be a free fly / practice day, with rides to the top @ $10. Friday is also a potential practice day, depending on the weather and availability of drivers.

Sunday – Saturday – Competition days
Saturday evening – Awards banquet

Meet Headquarters


Meet Headquarters will be in the two-story white farm house, on the right, about 100 yards before turning into the road to LZ1. Try this address for your GPS: 2874 Silverstone Rd, Zionville, NC 28698

All parking is on the left side of the driveway at LZ1. Please avoid parking near the RV on the right.

The address for the driveway for LZ1, and all parking, is: 3070 Silverstone Rd, Zionville, NC 28698.

Live Music
The Magic Farm

All pilots must have the following


Pilots with P2 ratings and higher are welcome. All pilots must meet the following requirements:

– Current USHPA membership and waiver.
– Current Tater waiver (part of registration).
– USHPA Signoffs: FL, 360, TUR, RLF.
– Flying hours: 20+
– Flights: 20+ mountain flights from more than 1000 feet above your LZ.

The signoff and experience requirements are for your safety. This is a cross-country flying meet where you may need to land in a field you haven’t seen before, with wires and other obstacles, in moderate thermic conditions. It is very important that you have this capability before you participate in the meet.